Most Haunted Places in Ooty and Their Spooky Stories

Haunted Places around Ooty Hill Station: In this article, I am going to share with you some spooky stories behind haunted places in Ooty. So if you want some horror experience while on your trip then this post is surely for you.

Who doesn't like to take some breaks and visit hill stations! Spending some time around a landscape full of greenery, hills, beautiful waterfalls, and fresh air sounds exciting. Especially when you're from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. 

Well, hill stations like Ooty are sought-after tourist places among Indians. They love spending a few days at higher altitudes and enjoying adventure activities. And this is why hill stations are becoming a popular weekend destination. These are places full of nature that offer relief from the heat and pollution of the cities. 

Haunted Places in Ooty

Every hill station has some qualities which make them unique from each of them. Some are popular for their scenic beauty, a few are famous for their waterfalls, and others are for their proximity to popular tourist attractions. For instance, Shimla is known for its colonial architecture and proximity to the Himalayas, Kodaikanal attracts tourists because of its lakes and lush greenery and Ooty is well-known for its extensive tea plantations, beautiful views, lakes, other natural splendors, and few haunted places.

Haunted Places in Ooty Hill Station, Tamilnadu

Majorly popular in South India, Ooty is a hill station situated in the Nilgiri mountains of Tamilnadu. The town of Ooty is located at an elevation of 1,740 meters (5,709 ft) above sea level. The town has a cool climate; surrounded by tea plantations, rose gardens, and pine forests. People also know Ooty as "Queen of Hill Stations". 

Ooty is home to a plethora of wildlife animals such as deers, panthers, elephants, and wild boars. Also, you can see various birds like Malabar whistling thrush, Jungle Fowl, Brown Dove, bulbuls, mynahs, peacocks, and some water birds.

This exquisite hill station has many tourist attractions like the Botanical Gardens, the Ooty Market, Kalhatty Waterfalls, Doddabetta Peak, Deer Park, and the Lack Tea Museum. 

Haunted Places Near at Ooty with Their Spooky Stories

However every beautiful-looking thing has some negative aspects, Ooty also has something. 

Ooty is a hill station that has a couple of haunted places. And, behind these places, there are some spooky stories that are connected. These stories might be rumors or made by folks or may be true.

I am going to write this post with the help of many articles and posts available on the internet (Note).

Scary Story about Ooty India

Here are a few spooky tales that I found from various articles and videos on the internet and most of them are death related.

It is believed by many folks that the British soldiers who were killed in the Anglo-Mysore wars are buried in these hills. where one can find the headstones of many British soldiers who died during the war owing to this reason this place is haunted.

Another such story is about the Ooty Lake, which has a story of a lady who committed suicide by drowning herself in it. 

The stories about these places might not be true but they have been told and retold so many times that they have become an integral part of Ooty, especially among locals. 

Haunted Hotels in Ooty

There are few places in Ooty that are termed as Haunted and unfortunately, all are hotels. 

One such story is about a British woman who died on her honeymoon night in one of the hotels of Ooty hills and her ghost still haunts the place.

1. Fernhill Hotel/Palace Ooty

Fernhill Palace was built in 1844 and used to be the summer residence of the king of Mysore. The Fernhill Royal Palace is popular for its palatial structure and scenic beauty. Many Bollywood movies are also shooted here. But it's also home to some spooky stories

Haunted/Horror Stories about Fernhill Royal Palace available on the Internet: 

It is said that the hotel was built on an ancient burial ground and this may be the reason behind the spooky happenings.

The hotel is famous for its haunted corridors and rooms. There have been many sightings of ghosts, mysterious lights, and unexplained sounds in the past.

During the shooting of the RAAZ movie, the crew experienced some abnormal activities. The actress of the film herself told in the interview that they heard the noise of someone dragging furniture on the upper floor. They told about this incident to the receptionist and the receptionist replied, "there is no floor above their room". Few believe that it was a promotion strategy for the movie (which might be true).

2. Hotel Lakeview, Ooty

The Lakeview is located 2 kilometers away from Ooty Lake. It has some great views near the hotel. This hotel is also on the list of haunted places in Ooty

Spooky Stories about Hotel Lakeview: 

The Lakeview Hotel has a long history of supernatural activities. There are many stories about the hotel which talk about how it is haunted by ghosts and spirits.

One such story that folklore and visitors talk about is that on every full moon night they hear the noise of a crying woman. And no one knows what is the proper reason behind hearing these crying noises. 

If you are an adventurous person and want to have some thrilling paranormal and spooky experience then these haunted Ooty hotels might be the best place to visit. Although there is no factual evidence behind all these stories, you can stay at these hotels and find out for yourself the facts. 

Many creators made videos and articles about these scary places of Ooty in the past. But now the scene might be changed. Because before writing this article I have read many reviews about these hotels and visitors are having a good experience.

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What are some haunted places in Ooty?

In Ooty hill station, there are two hotels, Fernhill Royal Palace and Hotel Lakeview which are famous for their spooky stories. 

Do the horror stories behind haunted places in Ooty are real or fake?

On the internet, people talk about how they had experienced something spooky, whereas few visitors had great experiences at these places. So for checking whether these places are really haunted or not, you have to visit and check. 


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