The Bird with Golden Wings: Review and Summary

The Bird with Golden Wings: In this post, I am going to share a review of a children's book. So if you're searching for a storybook for your kid then this post is surely going to help you. 

Bird with Golden Wings Story Book Review

Review: The Bird with Golden Wings by Sudha Murthy

"The Bird with Golden Wings" is a stunning collection of amazing short stories written by the most talented Mrs. Sudha Murthy. The book is loved by many kids and their parents. 

The wit and magic philosophies serve as the sole inspiration for the stories contained in this collection. The book includes a total of 21 different titles for different stories. Each story is completely fresh and engaging.

The saying "what you show, you will read" is proven true by several stories in this collection. In several of the stories, the author depicts in a meaningful way the consequences of engaging in negative karmas. The reader will understand that with a bit of fun and some common sense, it is possible to overcome our day-to-day life problems. 

If a person is really willing to solve problems, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome with enough bravery, intelligence, and willingness.

There are stories that can lead one to believe in the existence of mystical forces and magical powers. The short situations provide us with the opportunity to briefly experience our fantasies of the magical world.

The stories don't really leave much of an impression on adults. But, children will enjoy the tales because they are short, entertaining, and easy to read.

Details of the Book:

  • Name: The Bird with the Golden Wings - Stories of Wit and Magic
  • Author: Sudha Murthy
  • Cover Illustration: Ajanta Guhathakurta
  • Reading Age: 7 to 12 years
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Limited; Illustrated edition (27January 2016)
  • Reviews: 4.3/5

The Bird with Golden Wings Book Summary

The story of a greedy woman takes up the first chapter of the book "The Bird with Golden Wings". It is the story of a woman's greed to become extremely wealthy and powerful; end up horribly and bring downfalls in her life. 

The moral of the first story of the book Bird with Golden Wings is that "more greedy and selfish behavior always demolishes a person". And, the author Sudha Murthy did a great job of crafting the story. It is a very well-written and engaging story for kids. This is, in point of fact, a vital and valuable lesson of life that all of us want our children to learn.

The second story although not extremely captivating, is interesting enough to be noteworthy. It emphasizes the mathematical and witty skills that an intelligent human has to have to tackle any challenging situation.

It is an intriguing story to read about a prince who was both intelligent and modest. Despite the fact that the story contains no freshness, it manages to keep the reader engaged. 

The prince determines the level of expertise possessed by three talented men. The story focuses on what makes this aspect of his rule so intriguing: how he puts his subjects to work for the kingdom.

The other stories are full of magic and fun. The story of how ocean water went from having a sweet taste to having a salty taste is captivating. 

It is also interesting that a knowledgeable cook assisted the teacher in her efforts to save the school.

The eighth and final tale in the book is titled "The Bird with the Golden Wing." It is a tale of a poor little girl who helps out a hungry bird by giving it some food.

The bird shows its appreciation for her kind actions. Always expect to be rewarded for your acts of kindness.

The book's final story is one of my favorite story of it. The story made me laugh out loud multiple times since I was reading it. The tale is very humorous and it introduces some amazing characters, I must say. 

Conclusion of Sudha Murthy's Storybook

The talented and diverse author Sudha Murthy has put together a wonderful collection of short stories in the bird with golden wings book. The book is written in a language that is simple and easy to understand for children. The stories are not only entertaining and humorous but also inspiring. The children can learn a lot by reading this book.  

Also, this book, on the other hand, does not have the luster of her earlier writings.

The book contains a lot of drawings, all of which are quite appealing and interesting to look at. Moreover, these drawings breathed new life into the characters of the story.

The book would be a valuable addition to any collection, especially for kids as it is a children's story book.


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