God is Absolutely Good Book by Robin D. Bullock

God is Absolutely Good: Absolutes are the ones about which we have an extremely limited understanding in this world. On the other hand, if one is seeking absolutes, one can be found, and his name is God. God is the one and only absolute God! 

He is the very definition of love, and he is the very definition of goodness. He is void of any trace of obscurity. There is no room for doubt or uncertainty in Him! This is something that the author of this book Robin D. Bullock wants to bring attention to.

God is Absolutely Good Short Review/Summary

The ultimate goodness of God is laid out in detail throughout this book. The essence of God is absolute love. The absolute good of God. Why is it vital to recognize these details? The Bible tells us that the kindness of God is the driving force behind his desire for us to turn from our sins.

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